Do you have something you want to bitch about? You’re in the right place.

Submit your story to the Bitch Blog… Trust me, you’ll feel better when you’re done. Got a case of road rage? Bitch about it. Need to vent about a coworker whose very existence is the bane of yours? Bitch about it. Have a client who makes you want to bang your head against the wall? Bitch about it.

Keep in mind a few friendly reminders (though you can take ’em or leave ’em):

  • This is the Internet. Lots of people use the Internet every day. That includes the people, companies, stores, etc. that you are bitching about. There’s a pretty good chance they might find this blog. Use common sense by changing names. Trust me, you don’t want to have to be confronted by your boss about that thing you wrote about him on the Bitch Blog. (Or maybe you do, in which case, use his full name, by all means.)
  • Please use spell check (it’s built right in!) and attempt using proper grammar. Or I will bitch about you. (Seriously.) If you need help, email me your story before posting, and I’ll fix it for you (and probably derive an unusual amount of pleasure from doing so).
  • Also use paragraphs. There’s nothing worse about a long post than one big blob of text. K, thanks.
  • If you are planning on becoming a regular contributor, and are creative enough to do so, come up with a screen name that includes some form of the word “bitch” in it. ColdHardBitch, SexyBitch, SonOfABitch, SkankyBitch, whatever. C’mon, don’t spoil the fun. Be creative!
  • Also, please upload a profile picture. It doesn’t have to be a picture of you if you prefer to remain anonymous to the community at large.
  • Feel free to post pictures if it helps tell your story. Humans are visual creatures. We like pretty pictures.
  • Please assign a category with one of the pre-made categories or create your own. Add a tag or two as well.
  • Be kind to your fellow bitching bloggers. They’re already pissed off — that’s why they’re here. Try not to piss them off more. We’re here to commiserate with each other and purge our negative thoughts and feelings so we can be healthier, happier people. (And also because it’s fun to bitch about stuff.)

How to Join

Want to become a regular contributor? Email me at Put “Bitch Blog Contributor” or something similar in the subject line or you’ll get deleted. And give me a sample of what you’ve got to bitch about.

Just want to share an occasional story? Send it to me at Again, please identify yourself with something like “Bitch Blog Post” in your subject line.

And on that note, please bitch away!


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