People who can’t park should not be allowed to drive.

Since this is my inaugural post, I’ll do my best to keep it short and bitchy…and let the picture speak the 1000 words it can.

When I park, I like to think I  pretty much stay centered between the lines, and park  in an acceptable manner.  Pretty much how I was taught when I took my driving classes.  I even take the time to back up and correct my parking job, ensuring adequate space on all four sides and hopefully reducing the stress of my parking neighbors.

It was on August 3rd, 2010 that I found people weren’t nearly as fastidious as I. Next to my undoubtedly pristine and dare I say admirable parking job was an abomination. The  person to my left had pretty much disregarded all parking rules, regulations, societal mores and values.  They pretty much whipped in their spot, most assuredly missing my car by ‘that’ much’ and left it as was.

Based on the car, the expressions of undying love plastered all over their windows (in what appears to be pink lipstick), I assume the driver was deep in thought, entertaining various philosophical, ideological, poetical and political thoughts and/or ideas. OR, they were busy yapping on their freakin’ cell phone, texting the BFF’s or sexting their BF’s/GF’s , and generally holding in complete disdain the aforementioned acceptable rules/regulations/mores/etc of parking.

The 1000 words:

Thank for your time, as you were, and please, leave the driving to those who can.



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