Jackasses du jour: Truck Drivers

I would like the world to know that truck drivers are jackasses. This one in particular was especially jackassy.

On our way home, as my mom and I followed behind my brother, we watched as a semi driver to our right attempted to merge into our lane, while my brother was right beside him. We tried to pass but he cut us off. I gave him a good honking.

When we were finally able to pass him, we saw he was about a foot away from my brother’s back bumper, flashing his lights. My brother, smartass that he is, slowed down, but was still going the speed limit.

At about the time my mom and I were almost in front of him, the truck driver finally gave up and backed off. Immediately my brother’s window rolled down and a stiff middle finger was thrust out. As we passed him, the jackass flipped him off, too. I yelled at him and gave him my own rude gestures as we passed by… Then wrote down his truck number and the company. Rest assured, I will be contacting this company and loudly bitching about the jackass they hired who almost ran my brother off the road. What a f’ing jerk!


bitch bitch bitch and bitch some more

Writers are always looking for inspiration. In my case, my inspiration for the Bitch Blog was inspired one hot and muggy July afternoon. One frustrating retail event that left me metaphorically steaming (I was already literally steaming, as the heat index was hovering somewhere around 105 degrees) provided the spark. On my drive home, I stewed over what had happened. Then I realized something: In the grand scheme of things, it was a relatively minor event. So why should I let it ruin my mood?

Of course, that’s often easier said than done. If you’re like me, you find it easier to forget about the things that put a crimp in your mood after you’ve had a chance to vent. So that’s what the Bitch Blog is all about. Catharsis, purging, venting, getting everything off your chest — so that you feel better when you’re done and can continue on with your day in a better mood… And everyone who stumbles upon this blog can commiserate with you. Misery loves company, right?

So with that, I invite anyone who has something to bitch about to contribute to this blog. Got something to get off your chest immediately? Email me your story for posting here! Or, do you find yourself needing to bitch more frequently, simply because you seem to be surrounded by idiots despite your efforts to avoid them? Then become a contributing blogger! Find out more on the “Contributors” tab.

Bitchily yours,